Having fun apps on your phone is a must, if you ask me. You can play them to entertain yourself while traveling and they can train your brain when you have some free time. Whether you’re stuck in a car, on a long road trip or you have to wait at on a delayed flight, your time will be better spent if you keep yourself entertained. These following apps are fun, but also useful to keep your mind sharp.

Warning: These games can be addictive…

If you’re a fan of Tetris, you’ll really enjoy this game. In this puzzle game you have to drag shapes on a board. The shapes have to fit in the rest of the shapes on the board. 1010! is less stressful than Tetris, because there isn’t any time pressure. This game really triggers you to beat your high score and become better and better.

The puzzle game Sudoku is a real brain cracker classic and I think everyone knows how to play it. People who enjoy this classic game, may enjoy it even more on the go. With a Sudoku app on your phone you can play this addictive game anywhere you like. There are lots of Sudoku apps available for all devices.

Train your brain to be happier? With Happify you will be smiling all day. The app uses fundamentals of positive psychology in little games that elevate happiness. You can also use this app to meditate or personal advice on how to think more positive.

Origami on your phone? With this game you need to choose one colour and fill the screen with this colour in as few moves as possible. You really need to think with this game on how to do this smart.

Poking someone in the eye is normally a little inappropriate, but in this game you have to poke them all! Pokoto challenges you to be really fast and smart, because you have to remember which of the eyeballs you poked. Sounds a little weird, but it’s super fun and addictive.


Photo header via website Happify