‘’Follow the bunny, he has the chocolate!’’ I haven’t read that phrase as much as I did last week, when Easter came around the corner. And a whole lot of joy comes with Easter too. Each year we’re lucky to have long weekends, maybe some family time, chocolate eggs and bunnies!

Bunny talk
And all of a sudden I remembered how cute and fun bunnies are. Their hair is extremely soft, the look in their eyes is too cute for words, they can jump up to one meter… And did you know that bunnies can sleep and dream with their eyes open? And also that they carn learn their own name, like dogs and cats do?

I’ve got to come clear: I am a real cat person. But bunnies are extremely adorable that they make me think of getting one too. Of course I can’t write this blog without adding pictures of these lovable creatures. Take a look at some pictures of the inspiring Iris Rozendaal who’s an illustrator, stylist, art director and a (bunny) mom.

Warning: the fluffiness is real.

Bunny - Stijlmeisje Bunny - Stijlmeisje

Her bunny seems to be super photo genetic. Look at how great all these pictures came out.

Bunny - Stijlmeisje

All pictures are from Iris’ Instagram

It looks like her bunny is enjoying life. He’s is even chilling in bed! Awesome. Because what’s important for every bunny is that there’s enough space to hop around. Fact is that still a lot of people are keeping their bunnies in small cages while there are so many bigger options to keep them sheltered in. And yes, bunnies too can get depressed when they’re living in small cages. And you don’t want that.

For a second I imagined my future house with a cat and a bunny, so I hopped on the internet to see which bunny cages we can choose from. I came across cool designs at Grootplezier (which means huge pleasure in Dutch) and found this stunning bunny cage (konijnenhok in Dutch by the way):

Bunny - Stijlmeisje

Makes me want to start a bunny village in the back yard. Maybe one day. But what’s for sure is that bunnies deserve to have a great life, with plenty of space.