Last week I visited Amsterdam to see the World Press Photo exhibition. It’s the 60th edition this year and my very first time to visit. Knowing there are a lot of dramatic photos taken by journalistic photographers, I had to see what all the stories behind the photos were.

At first sight I wanted to make a series of the number one winning photos, but after my visit I’m convinced that everyone should experience the exhibition by itselves. My aim is to point out the power of story telling by photography.

The contrast of beauty & reality
Not so suprisingly all pictures were beautiful, whether it was the image itself (colourful, high resolution, amazing eye for details) or the story behind the picture. And some of the pictures had it all. My experience was admiring a great photo taken, but then as you start seeing details and reading the story behind the picture, it becomes a moment of being conscious of what’s happening in the world we live in. You’ll notice beautiful pictures with a strong message. And all of that because photographers taking pictures of what’s really happening in our world.

Why the World Press Photo Exhibition is worth your visit
The exhibition has a lot of amazing pictures taken by the best photographers which I also like to call great story tellers. Visiting the exhibition is a perfect way to escape from our hectic world and enter a more down to earth environment, where you will be faced with what’s really happening in our world, all seen through the lense of photographers.

World Press Photo Exhibition 2017
14 April – 9 July
De Nieuwe Kerk Dam Square