The Whizzes

The Whizzes, a group of young creative entrepreneurs. Curious about them? Here they are:

Imke Walenberg (Stijlmeisje)

Imke Walenberg (31) is an all-round content entrepreneur, creating, developing and performing online concepts in the field of art, travel & lifestyle. Always looking for interesting collaborations between creative people (“The Whizzes”) and brands. She is also editor-in-chief of Dutch lifestyle website Daily Cappuccino and an experienced speaker in the field of online presence.

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The Whizzes.

Sella Molenaar (illustrator)

Sella is a former student of the Antwerp Fashion Academy, currently studying Contemporary art, but actually spending most of her time doing what she loves most: drawing. Sella love’s to go to parties, make streetstyle and fashion illustrations, visit art galleries and just keeping herself busy with all the fun and beautiful things in life.

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Eline van Brussel (illustrator)

Eline (van Brussel) is an illustrator focusing on the small things in life. During her studies Journalism and Art History she seemed to be more concentrated on drawing, rather than filling her notebooks with words. Art, children books, random faces and textures are the main inspiration for her pen and ink drawings. Under the name of Centprent she makes detailed illustrations that will put a little smile on your face.

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Sheima Josodimedjo

Sheima did her very first internship at Stijlmeisje. She studies Communication, lives in The Hague, loves good food, music and parties. But beside that, she is a very creative and sweet person who’s always curious to find out more about the world we’re living in.

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Nienke Peters

Always busy with good food and being healthy. Nienke just started her own company called Nienke Natuurlijk after finishing the study natural dietary with succes. She loves growing her own veggies and creates the most delicious recipes.

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Liloe Rix (singer)

Liloe Rix is a singer-songwriter who lives in Amsterdam. She graduated in 2012 as a singer-songwriter at the Popacedemy in Enschede and just recently released her debut EP named ‘Today’ in the April of 2015. Liloe is in charge of the musical part of Stijlmeisje. Aside from making her own music, she works as a singing- and guitar teacher. She is also part of the musical duo named ‘Chansonnettes’ and singer and guitarist in the girlband ‘Steam’.

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Roselien Beerten (photographer)

Roselien did her Bachelors and Masters degree in graphic design at Sint-Lucas in Ghent. Afterwards, she did Photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Roselien always wanted to study graphic design, but while doing it, she got so much more fascinated by image-making, that she decided to continue studying photography in Amsterdam.

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Lotje Wijnstra (photographer)

Lotje (born in 1986) lives in Ede,with her boyfriend and dog Ginger. Since 2011 she owns Lotshots. Spontaneous and real photography are the key words concerning Lotje’s work. She loves to capture special moments between people in a loving way. Lotje works as much as possible with natural, soft light. At the “Fotovakschool” she started also with free work. At the moment she already sells work of her own at Via Martine.The next few years Lotje hopes to be able to focus much more on her free work. That’s why she always takes her camera with her to every holiday destination she goes to…

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Elke Verbruggen (photographer)

Elke is a photographer born in a small town in the South of the Netherlands. Since childhood she has been fascinated by the little things: the flowers in bloom, a beautiful piece of fruit, connection between people but also light. Elke is specialised in taking beautiful pictures of people and she has a weakness for black and white photography. Meeting, interacting and building relationships with her subjects is one of the greatest joys as a photographer for her. She genuinely cares about others and loves to listen, encourage and support people as they grow before the camera. 

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