Sure, you can tell time by looking at your phone these days. But nothing is as quick and easy for a young woman on the go as a simple glance at your wrist. No need to put down your coffee or fresh croissant on your way to work to grab your phone and check the time. I do not know about you, but I simply feel naked without a watch on my wrist. Just as I would if I realize I am not wearing earrings or another piece of jewelry I wear every single day. Because besides being a functional, a watch is an accessory. Another piece of the puzzle that is your own unique style.

1. Square vintage
Definitely a look that has been around for a while and adored by many; the all metallic, small watch with a square case. Perfect for everyone who loves to shop at the thrift store and has a weakness for vintage accessories. You can find a new piece with this vintage look on

2. Round vintage
For a subtler vintage vibe, we suggest finding a small old school watch with a round case. It is less of a statement piece while still adding that vintage flare you are looking for. This style look especially amazing on small, thin wrists, where a big watch often is too much.

3. Modern classic
A big round case as we see them a lot these days, paired with a small, more vintage looking mesh band. It is the perfect combination of modern and classis and adds sophistication to any look.

4. Sleek minimalism
If you love minimalism, and your closet consists out of mostly black white and grey, then you are going to love style.

5. Digital mesh
This 90’s favorite has made a comeback and can surprisingly be styled in a lot of different ways. One thing is sure; it is very quick to read and looks great with a business look.

6. Stripy tomboy
For the lovers of stripes and white sneakers.

7. Sporty, bold colors
A high performance watch for the athlete who loves bold colors. Most Swatch watches definitely fit these criteria

8. Everybody’s favorite
This is a look we have been seeing a lot in the past few years and is for sure a group favorite. It is after all a simple look that fits a lot of style.

9. Velvety smooth
This is the perfect way to add some velvet to every outfit without having to go overboard. A current material trend in fashion that you either love or hate, but let us be honest: what is not to love?

10. Chameleon
Last but not least: if you are a fashion chameleon who likes to switch between tomboy and glam, monochrome and bright colors, modern and vintage, then changeable straps are the style for you!