Backpacks never get outdated and are a real must-have for every lifestyle. They look cool and leave your hands free, which is a win-win situation. There are so many stylish options right now, from minimalistic canvas ones, to luxe leather and designer must-haves.From high-end to low-end, you will find a backpack in which fits your style.

1) Outdoor sporty
The tracking backpacks have been a huge trend in 2017, not only for going on a hike but also for daily use. Choosea cool and urban look and feel like a real digital nomad

2) Minimalism
Finish off your minimal look with a nice minimal backpack. Bags are super handy, but they also are a cool accessory.

3) Classic
You can never go wrong with an Eastpack. They are timeless and classic. Perfect for every occasion.

4) Urban
A backpack is the perfect bag for being in the city. There are a lot of cool brands for urban backpacks if you’re going for a street style.

5) Old skool vintage
Remember the backpack you used to bring to secondary school? These bags are still totally wearable right now.

6) Leather
Leather backpacks go with everything. They look stylish and give your outfit a classy look. Especially when you have an important meeting.

7) Scandinavian vibes
The backpacks from the Swedish brand Fjällraven are cool if you’re into a Scandinavian style. You can style them in so many cool ways. Fjällraven bags are available on in every colour you could think of.

8) Girly
Backpacks are mostly unisex, but you can also find more girly backpacks. Look for some nice colours, prints, elegant shapes or cool patches on a backpack. I personally love the velvet trend.

9) Designer
Going for a chic and more high-end backpack? Designer brands have got many cool choices and really make a statement for your outfit.

10) Fanny pack
Not a huge fan of the backpack? The fanny pack is the little sister of the backpack which you strap around your waist or shoulder. It gives your outfit a cool urban touch.