It’s been said before and we will happily say it again; when decorating a room or space, the windows must not be forgotten! We have all been there: an empty room in front of you, resembling a blank canvas, and all you immediately think of is how amazing a velvet couch or a big industrial table would look there. But do not forget about curtains! We seem to write them off as less important, more functional items in our homes; wrong! They are just as important for the end result as every other piece of furniture and decorative item you are going to place in that room. To help you out: here are five current curtain trends.

1) Prints and patterns
Simple is often functional, but with boring just around the corner. Why pick one simple, plain color? Use that color palette you choose and go for print or pattern instead! This might sound like a bit of a risky move, however: a print or pattern does not automatically mean bold! You can go as jungle wild or classic and subtle as you wish.

2) Pop of color
Not ready for that eye catcher? How about a small pop of color? For example, a dip dyed bottom or some colorful pompoms? This is probably the easiest way to update an otherwise monotone and perhaps boring look.

3) Duo roller blinds
Still dreaming about simple, minimal and functional? No problem! Roller blinds are probably the way to got to make that dream come true. Of course we are not just talking boring old blinds. Duo blinds are the perfect combination of everything you want in curtain or blinds. The provide privacy during the day without blocking all the natural light and complete isolation when needed.

4) Layers, layers and more layers
Whether you decided on bold prints or a more minimal look; layers are the way to go. Combine function with style and enjoy the privacy roller blinds give you while having beautifully draped curtains framing your windows. Or maybe some see through curtains combined with dark ones that completely block the light? You decide!

5) The oversized look
Oversized is not just a fashion word. The way you hang your curtains has a big effect on the end result. You can have INHUIS Plaza customize roller blinds to fit your windows precisely, while draping some curtains left and right of the windows to really frame the area. This makes the ceiling look higher and the room bigger. Leave some extra fabric at the bottom for your curtains to fall in a natural puddle and you are done.

Header photo via iStock, credits: JaCZhou