Fashion is one of our favorite ways to express ourselves. We buy clothes that show off our style and tell the world what we like. Our kids of course love to express themselves through everything they do, including fashion. If you’re lucky enough to share a love of fashion with your little girl then this article is definitely for you.

  1. Embroidery
    Embroidery has been hot topic in fashion the last few months and is still going strong. Not only are we seeing more and more of this trend in men’s and women’s fashion: the kids are joining and completely rocking this look. Our current favorite is embroidered denim jackets, although you might want to pair that up with a cozy sweater to keep warm!

  3. Buzzing bees
    One design that has been taking over the embroidered trend, but prints as well is bees! Not only have we seen bees on the latest design of for example high fashion brands like Gucci and Steve Madden; bees are everywhere! Including girls fashion items.

  5. Suit up!
    We love wearing a beautiful dress but nothing tops the feeling of a gorgeous power suit. Not only are we loving strong women rocking a sophisticated two-piece; our little girls can most definitely rock them as well. So if she does not feel like wearing a dress this Christmas, we say: embrace it!

  7. Cool kid dress
    Being badass of course does not mean that you can not wear a dress. That’s the beauty of expressing yourself through fashion: you can put on whatever you want! So how about skipping the tulle this season and going with a smock dress.

  9. Matching accessories
    Every girl needs at least one good accessory to complete the outfit. And every girl (and woman) knows that a messy bun is a go to hairstyle for a busy day; whether that means meetings and to-do lists or running around and playing all day. So why not pair this messy bun with a bow that matches her top? Too cute!

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