Hats are totally hot and happening right now. Besides keeping your head warm in the winter, they are also a cool accessory for your daily look. Plus, they protect your hair from the rainy days here in the Netherlands. No hat in your closet yet? I present you the 5 most wanted hats for this season.

1) The baker boy hat
Baker boy hats, you see them everywhere right now. This hat gives you a casual, laidback look. You can easily put it on, and you definitely look cute. You can buy them budget to high-end. A cute example of a baker boy hat is this one from Brixton. The yellow colour makes it stand out just a little bit more. We’re a fan!

2) The French beret
The beret is such a classic hat that never goes out of style. Boring outfit? Put on a beret and you look super fashionable. Do you fancy a more edgy style? Go for a leather beret.

3) The beanie
The beanie, another classic, really keeps you warm this winter. Beanies are available in every colour you like. Go for one with a little pompom on top and look cute and cosy. We personally like to combine a beanie with a big teddy coat.

4) The knitted headband
The headbands made their comeback in 2018. The knitted ones keep your ears super warm and they give you a cute look. Headbands look extra cool with a nice high ponytail or bun. Feeling creative? Knit your own!

5) The furry hats
Fake-fur is a huge trend this winter, not only in jackets but also in hats. Furry hats come in all sorts, colours and patterns, there’s a style for everyone. Make a statement with an elegant furry hat and, of course, be super warm on the cold days.