Spotify is a great app for all the music-lovers. One of the best things about it: the playlist. You don’t have to search for music all the time. The playlist does this for you. Lazy, but very easy. There are all kinds of playlists, what makes it hard to choose one. That’s why we selected some of our favorite playlists. Playlists for every moment; when you’re having a cosy evening with your lover, a fun night with friends or when you need to do some work.

Discover weekly

This playlist is created especially for you. It’s based on what you’ve been listening to before, your history. Because of this, you’ll never hear something you don’t like at all.

Dance party

Throwing a big party or having a little party with some friends at your place, choose the dance party list. A mixed list with a lot of dance hits. Putting on this playlist makes sure you’ll have a fun night.

Love pop

Everyone deserves great pop love songs in one playlist, right? The best music for a cosy night with your loved one. Put on some candles and turn on the music. Romantic night guaranteed.

Your favorite coffeehouse

Waking up in the morning and stepping out of bed is for a lot of people a hard thing to do. Your bed is so warm and you’re still tired. Therefor you have to make this moment more pleasant. Put on this playlist during making breakfast and you will notice it helps you start the day way happier. Treat yourself and begin the day as good as possible.

Beast mode

During your work out, it’s good to have some up tempo music. In that way you’ll get more energy and you achieve your goals way faster. Work hard, play harder!