We all have a weakness for new shoes. Summer, winter, spring or fall, there’s always an excuse to buy a new pair. What kind of shoes will you be wearing next year? Here are the trends for next year!

1) Pumps
Pumps are making a comeback next year. When you think of pumps, I always have mixed feelings. Pumps are very elegant and feminine. On the contrary, it’s really hard to walk on pumps. It’s almost a sport. When you wear pumps to a party, you better be sure you can have a sit every now and then. Despite of the pain, these shoes are amazing and a must for your closet. The higher, the better.

2) Over the knee boots
Every woman needs a pair of over the knee boots. Not only warm for in the winter, also stylish and sexy. You can wear over knee boots with a cute dress or a skirt for an elegant look. If you add over the knee boots to a daily outfit, you give your simple outfit a boost.

3) Girly sandals
We still have to wait a while before summer will start again, but watching shoes for the summer is always a good idea. Gioseppo has the most stylish sandals for girls. Colourful, chic and edgy. There are sandals for younger girls, but also for women. 

4) Wedge sneakers
You either love them, or hate team: wedge sneakers. Isabel Marant designed the wedge sneakers in 2011. Nowadays, a lot of women wear this kind of shoes. You also have the ‘Bobby’, another variant of the wedge sneaker. The Bobby is a little more subtle than the real wedge sneaker. Perfect for women who still have doubts about those shoes.

5) Boots for men
It’s naturally that women wear boots. Happily, boots for men will be more ordinary to wear next year. Men can wear boots to the office or to a party during the weekend. Boots are a good idea for every occasion. Get prepared for the cold winter days which are on their way to our country.