If there is one summer island which is super popular at the moment, it’s Ibiza. This Spanish island has grown to a party (or bohemian) getaway for many people. But there are so many other islands in Europe which are maybe even more worth the visit. Like the French island Corsica.

Historically, it is mostly known as Napoléon Bonaparte’s birthplace. Beside that Corsica has an enormous diversity of nature stretch over quite a limited landspace (the length is 183km and width 83km). There are so many different, dramatic and scenic landscapes; every corner you turn around will surprise you. Are you planning to visit the island this summer? Here are some summer island tips to get the most out of your stay:

  1. Désert des Agriates (nature)
    A desert maybe doesn’t sound as a must-visit when on a holiday, but this one is quite special. It’s a large protected area of dense scrubland on Corsica’s north coast. If you drive the (only) road to the end of this dessert you arrive at one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, Saleccia. Because it’s protected nature area you can really relax here.
  1. Camping (stay)
    Camping is one of the nicest things to do if you visit Corsica. Because of the wilderness of the island camping makes you feel most one with nature. If you don’t like it to be too basic, you can choose also a more luxurious way of camping. Like Camping Le Campoloro Yelloh! Village, located nearby the clear bleu sea and far away from the crowds.
  1. Gulf of Porto (nature)
    This one is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And it do is magnificent: it has beautiful red granite cliffs overhanging the sea. Note that this is a popular sight for turists, so it’s wise to plan your visit at a favorable time.
  1. Civet de Sanglier (food)
    This is probably the signature dish of Corsica, it’s a slow cooked wild boar and chestnut stew. Really do try this when you visit the island. Wild boars wander around the mountainous interior, nibbling on the chestnuts, figs and mulberries. This gives their meat a delicious complex flavour.
  1. Palombaggia Beach (relax)
    There are many beautiful beaches around the island. But this one is one of the most beautiful ones. The turquoise waters, pine trees and soft sands, make it a beach stay you’ll never forget.

Photo header: Max Pixel