The winter blues, I think we all know what it’s like to experience this. You feel very tired, you don’t feel like doing anything at all, really everything is too much. Luckily, you’re not the only one having this problem during the winter. It’s a quite common phenomenon. But you can do something about it! I will give you some tips to beat the winter blues. Success guaranteed!

1) Don’t forget about the vitamins
Vitamins are very important for your health. I have to be honest, I often forget my vitamins. When it’s cold outside, you have to take some extra vitamin D. A little bit of sun in a little pot. Really good for you!

2) What makes you happy?
Take a moment for yourself every day and write down three things that make you smile. This can be everything. Maybe you met a nice person that day or you helped someone in the grocery store. If you look at the things that make you happy, it will give you more energy and of course… happiness.

4) Fresh air
Spend more time outside. It’s nice to watch a movie in bed at night, but you can also go for a good walk outside. It may be cold, but it’s worth your time. Enjoy all the beautiful Christmas lights outside and have a nice talk with a person you love. It’s not only good to beat the winter blues, but also very good for your relationship. Win-win situation 😉

5) Keep moving
You can choose to bike instead of taking the car. It’s maybe easier to choose the car, but better for your winter dip to bike. It’s important to keep moving. You feel so much healthier.

6) Mindfulness
Nowadays, you can find meditation apps in the App Store or Play Store. The apps will help you meditate and relax for a few moments. Your mindset will change and helps you to be more positive about your life.

Photo header via iStock, credits: oatawa