Nowadays, it’s very important to keep your social media accounts up to date. Your Instagram or Facebook account…. it’ s like a first impression. People like you, or they don’t. They choose to follow you or they’ll never go to your account again. Therefore, you have to be unique. Quite difficult in a world like ours, but I’ll give you five tips to give your Instagram account a boost.

1) Share IT
When you achieve something, you are allowed to be proud of it! Share your successes with the world. Did your story reach the papers? Share it. A big or a small thing, it doesn’t matter, as long as you share your success stories.

2) Ask the world
People have an opinion about literally everything. They also like to share their opinion with the rest of the world. Ask your followers about their opinion about a certain subject. For example: you’re planning to post a photo before you go on a holiday. Ask your followers if they know nice hotspots or about their experiences with the place you want to go to. You create interaction, what’s really important.

3) Either left or right
You can post everything on Instagram: food, drinks, clothes, hotspots, etc. If you post all these things, your feed will be a mess. You have to choose a direction for your account. If you want to be a food-influencer, post foodies. If you want to influence your followers with fashion, make sure your direction is clear.

4) Storytime
Posting stories on Instagram is like ‘behind the scenes’. Not a perfect post for your feed, but you can show your followers what you’re doing on a certain moment. You can edit your stories as much as you want. You can let your followers know what your exact location is that moment or what time it is. Be creative.

5) Be yourself
Most important: be you. People want to see the real you, not only the ‘perfect and happy’ Instagram-life. When you show your personality, people will feel a connection and start to see you as their online ‘friend’.

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Photo header via iStock, credits: ymgerman