Go and get the green from the outside into your home! The botanical interior trend has been visible for quite a while already. And we’re not talking only about the flora, but also about the fauna. What I love is all the beautiful animal-printed decration you see a lot now. Especially concerning wallpapers and curtains. Some of my favorites:

  1. Zambezi – Ardmore, Cole & SonIt features boats captained by an array of animals all floating down the Zambezi river in Zimbabwe.

  2. Jungle themed – Hits for Kids, EijffingerA journey around the world with this one with (a.o.) monkeys swinging through the tropical rainforest.

  3. Birds of Paradis – Mind the GapThis wallpaper gives a classic heritage feel but with a modern twist.

    Photo header: wallpaper Savuti from the Ardmore collection, Cole & Son

* Tip: for curtains or sunblinds, like a duo rolgordijn, with botanical-like prints go for example to Zara.com