The French poet Victor Hugo once said “Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.” And so it is. But a little help to get through the cold winter days is always welcome. So here are some of my favourite winter beauty picks, to feel fresh and fruity even when the temperatures are low and the days short….

  1. Nailberry
    Nailberry is a cruelty free and vegan nail polish, created by Sonia, a French lady living in London. From finance to the film industry and interior design, Sonia has a more than creative mind and passion for beauty, nature, yoga and anything organic. She always follows her heart. Her respect for nature and animals made her search for products that are the most natural possible and, important, not tested on animals. And all of that without compromising the quality. The result: beautiful colours to brighten up your nails without damaging them.
    Beauty Reflections: 3 x winter favorites - Stijlmeisje
  1. Clinique 3 steps
    An all time favourite to clean your face in an effective way and that also suits your type of skin. On the website of Clinique you can do a little test to find out which 3-step skin care system is the best choice for you. My skin type is for example dry to very dry, which means I have to use the 3-step skin care system for skin type 1. The three steps contain a liquid facial soap, than a clarifying lotion and you finish with a moisturizing lotion.Beauty Reflections: 3 x winter favorites - Stijlmeisje
  2. L’Occitane, Divine Harmony
    My third favourite is quite a luxurious one; it’s an anti-aging serum and face cream to rejuvenate a youthful glow (always welcome…). Divine Harmony is a new holistic approach to skincare. In other words, if your skin shows a better texture and tone, it will also show at the inside, in the mind. Harmony is keyword. The cream and serum are made out of a blend of the so-called Immortelle flower and red algae and is a real beneficence for your skin in wintertime!Beauty Reflections: 3 x winter favorites - Stijlmeisje