* Picture made with the Olympus Digital PEN Camera

Just this weekend I returned back from my whirlwind trip through India! Traveling from the south to the north, I have seen so many faces of India. It just can’t be captured in one word how it was.

You can see the most beautiful traditional clothing in the streets of Jodhpur and Mysore, but at the same time you can also see the western influence in cities like Mumbai where you can visit the most trendy shops. Especially on television and in magazines you can see that old, traditional fashion goes hand in hand with modern, European fashion. Apart from these modern influences, you still see the big handicraft-market. Watching tailor men sewing the most beautiful things, just out on the street, was therefore a little feast for the eyes.

It’s impossible to come back from a country like India without souvenirs. So especially for one of you guys I have put together a goodiebag with some nice fashion souvenirs from India, including an exclusive t-shirt which I designed together with the brand SweetPunks!. Do you feel like you are in a winning mood? Give it a try right away and like this post on Facebook. Good luck!

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