Every year (the centre of) Amsterdam is flooded by tourists who come to Amsterdam to visit the Red Light District, Anne Frank House, or just to post pictures on Instagram of themselves on their rental bikes. If you search random for hashtags with Amsterdam in it, you’ll find thousands of pictures of our beautiful capital. But the pictures themselves aren’t that beautiful always….

Therefore Capture Amsterdam is the solution. On this photography platform, only the best pictures that Amsterdam has to offer will be displayed and made available for the public. Where previously these professional photographs were only available in galleries for the rich and exquisite lucky few, now Capture Amsterdam enables people to purchase a piece of Amsterdam for a reasonable price.

The pictures are available in four different sizes with each their own price. The bigger prints come in a limited edition with a certificate of authenticity and will be signed by the artist. The smaller sizes are unlimited and are affordable for the average Instagram photographer.

Capture Amsterdam has a partnership with the old city’s photograph archive and soon there will be a huge database made available with pictures of Old Amsterdam. Next to this, Janus and Robert, the two minds behind the platform are also working behind closed doors on other cities such as London, New York and Berlin. So we can expect to see much more of them in the short future!

Capter Amsterdam - Amstel-Hotel---Copyright-Janus-van-den-Eijnden

Amstel Hotel – Janus van den Eijnden

the Tuschinski movie theater in Amsterdam

Tuschinski – Bas Uterwijk

Capter Amsterdam -Haarlemmerplein - Copyright Thomas Schlijper

Haarlemmerplein – Thomas Schlijper

Capter Amsterdam - Straat - Copyright Janus van den Eijnden (10)

SUP Amstel – Janus van den Eijnden

Capter Amsterdam - Rem Eiland - Copyright Bas Uterwijk

REM Eiland – Bas Uterwijk

Capter Amsterdam - - Rondehoep - Copyright Marjolein van der Klaauw

Koeien – Marjolein van der Klaauw

Capter Amsterdam - Amstel Toren - Copyright Janus van den Eijnden

Rembrandt Tower – Janus van den Eijnden

Capter Amsterdam - Boat People - Copyright Friso Spoelstra

Boat People – Friso Spoelstra

Capter Amsterdam - Hoefsmid Heineken - Copyright Mats Soolingen

Hoefsmid Heineken Brouwerij – Mats van Soolingen

Capture Amsterdam - Canal Trees - Michal Fasanek

Canal Trees – Michal Fasanek