A lot of us like our bedrooms to be clean and simple, which makes total sense; it’s often the place where we unwind and try to clear our minds. It is not at all weird or unexpected that we see so many minimalistic styles using a lot of white trends in bedroom interior design. However, all white everything can be a bit boring which is why we made a short list of some colors that will add some depth to your bedroom and how you can add them to your design without disrupting the balance.

1) Deep blue
People are often temped to use light blue in clean, minimal color pallets and we completely get that. You might, however, want to consider adding a deeper shade of blue to the mix. Especially when used in blinds like the ones from Zonnelux.nl this shade will anchor the room and create depth.

2) Emerald green
Another dark color that will help anchor the room and will create a contrast with the simplicity of clean white sheets without disrupting balance. We love this color for on the wall, just remember that color blocking is essential here to prevent the room from appearing smaller.

3) Grey
Grey will not add warmth to your color palette. However, when different shades of grey are used in a minimalistic interior the shades will add depth to the room. So if you are still unsure about adding color to your bedroom design, this might be a good start. Just make sure you use different shades, maybe even some black accents. An easy way to do this is by creating a gallery wall.