Traveling is one of the most amazing things in life, if you ask me. Starting a new adventure and exploring the most amazing places around the world. Unfortunately, travelling is an expensive passion. That’s why I’m a huge fan of Airbnb. The residences are often a lot cheaper than hotels, and you’re staying at a unique place owned by a local. And let’s be honest, locals give you the ultimate experience while travelling. We looked for the coolest places to stay and see what the most extraordinary Airbnb’s are around the world!

1) Bali, Indonesia
Would you believe me if I say that this room is only 19 euros?! It’s true though, breakfast included. This room at the Kubu Tropis Guesthouse is not only cheap, the location is perfect too: near the city centre of Ubud.

2) Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Staying in the shell of a snail, how cool! Not only the outside, but the entire house is seashell themed. The house, including the beautiful pool, is available for 235 euros and has room for four people. Ideal for a nice family get-away in Mexico.

3) Dournazac, France
Sleeping in a bubble seems like a dream, but becomes reality with this nice Airbnb. Sleep under the stars and have a romantic night in the middle of nowhere. For 150 euros you’re sleeping in a bubble for two, including your own bathroom.

4) Huétor de Santillián, Spain
Sleeping in a treehouse has always been a huge child dream of mine, but my parents never let me… With this Airbnb my dream becomes reality! Sleep in this cosy treehouse for 40 euros and enjoy the beautiful nature of Spain.

5) Cornwall, England
A cabin in the woods, or as the owners of this Airbnb call it: The Jack Sparrow house. Enjoy this magical and cosy house for 97 euros and explore the beautiful nature of England. Cute insta-pictures are guaranteed, because this cabin is super photogenic.


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