New season, new hair? Well Imke is as we speak at the hairdresser for some hair colour changes (you will see the result on the website or YouTube very soon!). And I’ve been thinking about it more than ever too since Kim Kardashian broke the internet again with her outrageous change of hair color. She dyed her locks from dark to platinum blonde to white(!) in less than a week! Before I make any decisions for myself, let’s take a look at the most remarkable hair changes from stage rockers to runway diva’s: women who dare to dye their hair!

crystalChrystal Renn was the always-brunette-plus-size-model, but she can say goodbye to that title since her latest transformation: she’s platinum blonde now and waaay slimmer!

katyperryWe’re already comfortable with her outrageous looks that she upgrades (or is it downgrades?…) from time to time, because Katy Perry won’t stop shocking the world with her funny hairstyles. Embrace her Pink Pin Up style!

demilovatoDemi Lovato also knows how to play with hair! She let’s her hair run the show and keeps her make up on the low.

kimkkIn case you missed Kim’s transformation… here it is! From brunette to platinum blonde to cocaine white.

What’s your favorite hair color transformation? And would you dare to dye your hair like one of these celebs? Let Stijlmeisje know in the comments below!