Does a great honeymoon guarantee happiness? Pick these destinations for a long marriage!

Well begun is half done, right? It certainly is in marriage! Most newly weds start their new lives enjoying an amazing honeymoon in a beautiful place. Celebrity couples sometimes even spend more than an average salary on it! But does such a luxurious honeymoon guarantee a successful marriage? For these celebrity couples it didn’t hurt any way! And the good news is: these hotels are not just for Hollywood stars. With Secret Escapes* you can for example book the most luxurious hotels around the world with discounts up to 70 percent…

1. Bahama’s – Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber – 18 years of marriage
Topmodel Cindy Crawford and her spouse Rande Gerber got married almost twenty years ago at the One & Only Oceans Club on the Bahama’s. This tropical group of islands is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. Did you know there even is a replica of the famous gardens of Versaille? Perfect for romantic wedding pictures!

Also Penelope Cruz and her Javier Bardem spend their honeymoon on the Bahama’s, in the Stella Maris Resort. They got married only six years ago, but that’s and eternity in Hollywood, right?

Long marriage destinations - Stijlmeisje

2. Montecito, California – Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder – 14 years of marriage
During their honeymoon actress Julia Roberts and her husband Daniel Moder drew back in Montecito, a town near Santa Barbara in Southern California. On the sloppy 200 hectares of the San Ysidro Ranch the lovebirds enjoyed a romantic holiday in the sun. The San Ysidro Ranch offers cottages and suites, extended along the river in the wine area, including private terraces, hot tubs, a fireplace and antique furniture.

Newlywed couples are celebrating their honeymoon in Montecito since the 50s already. John F. Kennedy and Jackie O. also enjoyed the peace and quiet of a relaxing honeymoon at the Ranch back then.

Long marriage destinations - Stijlmeisje

3. Bora Bora – Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban – 10 years of marriage
It couldn’t be somewhere else, could it? Australian actress Nicole Kidman and her kiwi husband Keith Urban chose an island in the South Pacific as their honeymoon destination. What could be more beautiful than Bora Bora, right? Already ten years ago the couple enjoyed the private butler service, a private beach (no paparazzi), and an exclusive spa at St. Regis. This get away to a tropical island was at least enough for a decade of marriage!

Long marriage destinations - Stijlmeisje

4. Arizona, USA – Beyoncé and Jay-Z – 8 years of marriage
Queen B. and Jay-Z just survived the notorious ‘seven year itch’. Beyoncé and her husband are holding it together for eight years now. Is it perhaps due to the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa in Paradise Valley, Arizona? This hotel is a real hotspot for modern celebrity couples. You might not expect it, but just outside Phoenix’s capital you have stunning views at the Camelback Mountains from the luxury hotel. But the spa, delicious cuisine and exclusive cocktails have definitely contributed to the happiness of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. A relaxed start leads to getting old together in a relaxed way!

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