We’re living in a hectic world. We have to deal with a lot of pressure during work or school and we’re often tired. And what about free time? What’s free time? As a result, we all experience lots of stress. Especially generation Y, the Millennials (born between the ’80 and ’00) are dealing with this problem. It’s a big issue nowadays and a lot of young people are facing a burn-out. To make sure we start 2018 without stress, I made a list of tips for you. We need to begin this year without stress and end it without stress tough, right? 😉

1) Down to earth
One of the many ways to clear your head is mindfulness. The meaning of mindfulness: maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment (Kabat-Zinn, 2017). This may sound a little giddy, but it’s a very nice way to come down to earth. We all live like an ‘autopilot’. We do what we have to do every day. The real things in life don’t matter anymore. During the meetings, you learn to know the difference between things that are important in life and things that can wait for a while. Really nice meetings, where you can fully clear your head.

2) A book a day keeps reality away
Reading for six minutes a day will help your body and mind to relax. This sounds a little crazy, right? Six minutes and your mind will already relax? Believe me, you have to try this at home. Pick a nice book, perhaps you like a romantic novel or a psychological thriller, that’s up to you. Choose the book you like and the one who will have your fully attention. A good moment to read a book is before going to bed. Shut down your mobile phone and listen to slow music. You will fall asleep way faster and your mind is clear from everything you experienced that day.

3) Smile big, laugh often
Sounds logical and it is: much laughing helps reduce stress. When you feel stressed-out and you don’t know what to do anymore, try to smile. Watch the funny meme your colleague sent to you on Facebook, or watch a video on YouTube that makes you smile. Laughing will be easier and the stress will fade away.

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Photo header via iStock, credits: francescoch