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Situated on the first floor of Rozengracht (opposite the new Hutspot!) you’ll find one of the most forthcoming contemporary art spaces in Amsterdam: the private home and gallery space of Ellen de Bruijne. Last Saturday the new exhibition was opened with a performance by the controversial artist duo L.A. Raeven. You may know this duo from their critical works around the subject of the “perfect” body and mass consumption often balancing on a thin line between healthy and anorectic behaviour (watch this video to see what Zoran Eric, curator of the ‘Ideal Individuals’ exhibition at the Salon MoCAB (Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade says about the work of L.A. Raeven).

During the opening performance a set of rules were handed out witch visitors had to obey. Rules the twin sisters themselves obsessively lived by for years:

1.You are not allowed to drink or eat alone
2. You have to choose a partner

3. You can only take one glass or spoon per serving
4. You are not allowed to eat and drink more or less than your partner
5. You have to finish your glass completely and you are not allowed to leave any leftovers of food
6. You are not allowed to waste food
7. you have to come to an agreement with your partner what to eat and drink
8. You have to make sure that the volume of liquid you drink is exactly the same as the liquid of your partner, using a spoon to be precise
9. All food in liquid form such as soup etc. you have to finish making sure that your cups/spoons are completely empty and if you don’t agree or know who of you has left more in his cup, you have to feed each other.
10. You are not allowed to cheat

NOTE—Any person who willfully fails to obey these rules or attempts in any manner to evade or defeat our rules, shall be liable to a penalty of € 10,00 with each infringement of the L.A.Raeven rules

Ellen de Bruijne - Stijlmeisje - Fashion Blog

* illustrations by Sella Molenaar

All the money that was raised by penalty payments, donations and the sale of the publication L.A. RAEVEN – ANALYSE/RESEARCH PARIS benefits the new Mindless Living II crowdfunding project on Voor de Kunst.

ot only the opening performance was quite controversial but also the idea of a “performance exhibition” in itself is not something you hear everyday. Visiting Ellen de Bruijne is not an easy task for newbies in the art scene. First you have to ring a bell, climb the stairs and know witch door you need to enter the gallery, but you sure will be surprised and see and experience something new! Plus: Ellen is the tiniest and sweetest gallery owner around who’ll love to talk to you and answer all your questions.

Besides L.A. Raeven, Momu No Es, Erkka Nissinen and Falke Pisano (winner of the Prix de Rome!) have performances coming up with the next one on Thursday 30 January by Sarah van Lamsweerde. Check the website of Ellen de Bruijne for the full schedule!

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