It’s FashionWeek Amsterdam this week. A week that can be an opportunity for young designers to get in the spotlights. But often you see that it’s certainly not a guarantee to be commercially successful. At least that’s the case for the Dutch fashion week. A shame because there are many good designers over here. One of them is Tess van Zalinge.

Tess studied Fashion and Design at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in Amsterdam where she graduated cum laude with her collection “The same old lines” in 2012. In 2015 she decided to start her own label under her own name. Characteristic of her designs is merging lingerie with fashion. Last year it was her first FashionWeek where she presented her collection “Geschapen land | Landschap”. We were quite impressed by this collection which is based on the typical Dutch landscape that passes her by while sitting in the train every day from Utrecht to Amsterdam. Editor Sella made a nice illustrated re-cap from that show which you can find here.

Tonight Tess will be showing her new collection. Very curious what it will look like. It is said it has to do something with Dutch folklore and a collaboration with Royal Delft…. Like it already. Keep you posted!

Tess van Zalinge - Stijlmeisje