Sometimes you bump into products, which at first sight don’t look that special, but are beautiful in their simplicity AND because of the story behind the product. One of these things is Fra Lippo Lippie lip balm. Yep… a lip balm…

A couple of years ago Monie Jagroe was tired of her office job. So in March 2013 she finally took the decision to quit her job and take a long break from everything. She booked a ticket to Australia without any futher plans. Over there she came more aware of nature and earth. It was also in Australia that Monie came to learn about vegan make up… A seed for making her own vegan make up was planted inside her head.

Fra Lippo Lippie - Stijlmeisje

She started a webshop in vegan make up products. That didn’t went that wel so she decided to focus on one product: vegan lip balm. Because friends and family were more than enthusiasticabout it that, Monie decided to pursue it and with success!

Fra Lippo Lippie - Stijlmeisje

And than that funny name… The name was born out of a joke between Monie and one of her best friends: while celebrating new years eve with a group of friends in the middle of nowhere and playing 80’s records, there was also one record of a band with the very amusing name: Fra Lippo Lippi. It inspired Monie to use their name (slightly altered so it seems Dutch and refers more to lips) as a brand for her new founded vegan pride and joy.

A beautiful story, with a delicious, beautifying ending and also a swell website. Go there and buy one of course!

Fra Lippo Lippie - Stijlmeisje Fra Lippo Lippie - Stijlmeisje