Hi all! For the ones that do not know me (anymore), I am Sheima, a former intern at Stijlmeisje. Two years ago I started this amazing experience at Stijlmeisje thanks to Imke. I wrote about various subjects – from food and fashion to music to art. And you know what, I still love doing this! So I’m back again to tell you about an incredible event that I attended for Stijlmeisje….

Last week I did something I never thought I would do: run. that. catwalk. Did you not see me at the Victoria Secret Fashion show? Just kiddin’. The fashion show that I attended was one organized by Marktplaats. Our Dutchies are all familiar with Marktplaats, but if you aren’t, let me break it down for you.

Marktplaats (in English Market place) is the biggest online platform where sellers and buyers from the Netherlands come together. You can place your item and others can bid money on it in order to get the deal. It’s the perfect place for if you’re planning on cleaning out your closet or interior. It can be anything that you want to get rid of. And by using Marktplaats you can make someone happy with a purchase while earning something too!

So let’s get back to the runway show. Markplaats organized a so-called Goudmijncollectie fashion show (gold mine collection) where bloggers, vloggers, models and other influencers presented their fashion items that they actually don’t wear anymore. From coats that are no longer favorites to shoes that were too small in the first place: we all took a dive into our gold mines and selected these fashion items that we don’t wear at the moment. The best thing about this evening: after the show everyone was able to bid on the items on Marktplaats! I auctioned my furry lammy coat, a jumpsuit and some leather boots from Sendra. You can find my items right here.

Marktplaats Goudmijncollectie - Stijlmeisje

Before the show

The fashion show was held in the Vondelkerk in Amsterdam and was presented by Holland’s funniest and most handsome presenter Fred van Leer. Before I made my debute on the runway, I got some catwalk lessons from international catwalk coach Mandy Dyonne Lieveld – known from Holland’s Next Top Model – who is currently working in New York. Together with 51 other influencers we put up the Marktplaats Goudmijncollectie fashion show and showed our golden items to the audience. Curious to what the show looked like? Check out this livestream video that was made during the show!

As you can see it was an evening full of fashion, fun, glitter and gold. For me it was a cool experience where I was able to contribute to this great initiative. I got to know a lot of creative bloggers and vloggers and the stories behind their gold mines.

Marktplaats Goudmijncollectie - Stijlmeisje

We all have some fashion items we don’t wear anymore, but why simply throw something away instead of making someone happy with a new purchase? Fashion is forever. Don’t get rid of it, but pass it on!