Edgy, soft, romantic or super sleek…  This year again, Fashion Week 2015 shows all hairstyles on the runways. From pony tails to braids, take a seat and watch as we sum up the hair trends for spring, fresh from the runway.

1) The pony tail

Whether it was crimped, sleek or back combed heavily, the pony tail was seen across every catwalk this Fashion Week.

1. ponytail

2) The side- parting

Models wear it down on one side, over one shoulder for a neo-punk look, or tied back in a pony tail, for the most sophisticated look.

2. side-parting

3) Behind the ears

Both mid-sections of the hair, tucked neatly behind the ears… the result: an ultra-feminine look somewhere between sweetheart and a boss lady.

3. behind the ears

4) The braid

Have it how you want it! All kind of braids will come along on the runway this Fashion Week: big and messy, graphic, fishtails, or just a neat braid.

4. The braid

5) The wave

Let’s end up with an all-time favorite hairstyle, seen on the runway and in street style as well. Can’t go wrong with waves!

5. wave