Halloween is around the corner! And with this spooky holiday coming up, it’s about time for some Halloween inspiration. Maybe you are throwing a party this year? Or you just need a killer outfit (pun intended) for someone else’s? We have listed our favorite Halloween party tricks and ideas to give you some inspiration for the spooky season. We’re talking decorations, snacks and of course: costumes.

Party decorations
Obviously, you can never go wrong with a pumpkin! You can carve or decorate your pumpkin or pumpkins any way you like or just leave it au naturel. The best thing about this orange décor piece, is that it can be left out for the rest of the season as well. Placing pumpkins around the house, although aesthetically pleasing, might be a bit out of your budget. Nothing to worry about, we have some other personal favorites and money savers. At the top of this list are fake cobwebs, plastic spiders and some do it yourself bats from black paper. Let the decorating begin!

Creepy snacks
A good party needs some party snacks, of course. Here’s a tip for creating easy and delicious spooky snacks; chocolate melts. Anything dipped in chocolate tastes, let’s be honest, amazing. And with some sprinkles or different colored melts you can create any design you desire. We’re definitely trying out some festive black and orange marshmallow variations and some strawberries dipped in white chocolate that we can turn in to tiny delicious ghosts.

Spooky fashion
Let’s talk costumes, because whether you are throwing a party, or going to one; you need the proper attire. You can honestly never go wrong with classics like a vampire or a zombie and you can do a lot with some simple make-up tricks to make it your own. Here’s a little tip: use a, or several, YouTube tutorials to help you turn some heads on Halloween. Another amazing last minute trick for anyone who doesn’t have the time to scour the shops for the perfect outfit is to just rent a costume. You can always use those tutorial to give your own little twist to it.