You have found it! That beautiful dream job you we’re looking for for months! You even already imagine yourself having the job. But, stop, first things first. That is: how to get that amazing job? Not easy, because there are many more who want that specific job. So how to stand out of the crowd? What are the best tips to make a perfect, good looking and creative resume and motivation letter? Most people unfortunately search online for tips for their resume and motivation letter, therefore writing mostly boring texts and non-inspiring resumes. That defintely won’t bring you far. And certainly not on top of the pile.

So how do you get your resume at the top of the pile and how to nail your motivation letter? The best way to found out is watching these tutorials. Don’t be afraid; expect no long boring presentations, but fun and really useful video’s which teach you how to get the job of your dreams. The video’s are clean, nice and short and give you advice on all kind of things. Tips like using a representative email-adress, how to make a creative looking resume (by for istance uring infographics) and how you can keep the attention of the reader. And are you really creative? Than maybe you can try to make a video-cv yourself. That will put you on top of the bill for sure! It does mean you have to make a little effort, but the effects will be great. Good luck and fingers crossed!

Photo header via iStock, Credits: SeventyFour