Depending on the chosen design style, we love long beautiful curtains that drape down in to a small puddle on the floor. Unfortunately, they are often quite difficult to keep clean and you will need a good quality, thick fabric to make sure daylight doesn’t get in to the room at night. Roller blinds are a great solution, but often do not add much flare to your design. Lucky for you, we have spotted some great ways to style roller blinds and we are here to share!

1) Leather straps
A great way to style your rolling blinds during the day is using these beautiful leather straps to keep your rolled up curtain in place. Not only is this a great hack during the day, but it also adds another subtle element of style to a minimalistic or modern interior.

2) Duo roller blinds
A great way to add some privacy and still be able to let some of that vitamin D filled sunlight in to your home is by placing duo rolling blinds (duo rolgordijnen). With both open, see-through and closed lanes, you not only get the option to vary in the amount of light and privacy, but the look of your window as well.

3) Layering
Another great way to play with style and design while maintaining functionality is by layering. Adding roller blinds to keep the light out and maintain some privacy, while placing beautiful long curtains for some finesse and flair gives you both style and function.

4) Prints
Still afraid your roller blinds will look boring? Try going for one with a print on it, or do it yourself with some fabric paints to personalize it to the room. Especially in a children’s room this little project will look amazing and add a personal touch.