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Not so long ago the first LUMAS gallery opened it’s doors in Amsterdam. The LUMAS concept is all about making art accessible, “freeing” it from the sterile gallery spaces and offering limited (mostly photo) prints for reasonable prices to a wide audience. I liked the idea of showing art in more open environment so I visited the opening of the current exhibition “Cuba-Expired” by Werner Pawlok.

Lumas is a bright and friendly art space full of “nice” images but with no real exhibition going on. The shiny prints by Pawlok hang almost randomly through the gallery space, side by side with landscapes, nudes and celebrity pictures by other artists like Robert Lebeck and Edward Steichen. There were only prints witch you can custom to your own likings by choosing your own format, finish and frame; like mixing and matching your kitchen at Ikea.

The art is merely there to be decorative and is not in any way, challenging, critical or reflecting on current topics. This is not art with a capital A, but luckily they’re not pretending to do that. LUMAS is balancing on a very thin line between being a contemporary art gallery and being just a shop where you buy art prints. Don’t go here for a well curated exhibition, go here to get yourself a pretty picture to decorate your living room.

LUMAS Amsterdam 
Van Baerlestraat 8, Amsterdam

Mon-Wed, Fr, Sat 10am-7pm
Thu 10am-9pm
Sun 12pm-6pm

Lumas Gallery - Stijlmeisje - Fashion Blog

 * Illustrations by Sella Molenaar