Stijlmeisje Museum Night route


Tonight is the fifteenth edition of the Amsterdam Museum Night. Giving you the chance to experience 50 museums after opening hours offering you a special festive program! Like every year the Amsterdam Museum Night is completely sold out, but for the lucky ones who got a ticket I put together a Stijlmeisje route that will take you from artist studio to cocktail party!

19.00 – Rijksakademie
Sarphatistraat 470

Grab the chance to have a look inside this interesting building that otherwise is closed to the public. The Rijksakademie is one of the most famous post-academic art institutions in the Netherlands and has been the basis for a lot of successful artist careers. During Museum Night the residents will open up their studios and there will be several lectures, art presentations and tours. Make sure you get on one of the Hard Hat Tours that will guide you through the mazes of the building to places other visitors won’t come and give you the chance to meet the artist in their own studio and experience the art first hand.

20.30 – Hortus
Plantage Middenlaan 2

Stop by at the Hortus on your way to the centre if only for the beautiful scenery of the botanical garden by night! Dance a little waltz and drink a little drink on the tunes of experimental string ensemble Fuse; who plays everything from Barok music to Britney Spears. Classical music was never this fun! The Hortus is also perfect for your Kodak or Selfie Moment of the night;)

21.00 – De Appel Arts Centre
Prins Hendrikkade 142

The Apple is encouraging you to drop a tab of LSD, jump into your Volkswagen bus and go down to the Prins Hendrikkade! Although I doubt this combination of doing drugs and driving is such a good idea, I like this echo of the ’60 that is also present in their current exhibition When Elephants Come Marching In. From visual trips and hallucinogenic drugs to yoga sessions and performances by psychedelic beat pop formation by Tender Falcons. Museum Night at De Appel promises to be one hell of a ride! Let it roll, cat!

22.00 – De Brakke Grond
Nes 45

Head over to De Brakke Grond not only for your own hand-brewed beers and Belgian fries and waffles but most of all to learn from the elderly in TEDx-like talks. o.a. 60+ ‘serniors’ Ans Markus and Job Cohen (starting at 22.05 and 22.35 resp.) will share with you all their knowledge of the world and their work field and hopefully will leave you inspired and enlightened.

23.00 – Arti et Amicitiae
Rokin 112

Arti is a artist society founded in 1839 to stimulate the arts and offering artists and visitors a space for cultural exchange, exhibitions and get togethers. During Museum Night, Arti is transformed into a ‘LustRaum’ that will trigger all your senses. Expect erotic performances, kinetic, sound sculptures and light installations that can taste and smell. Previous years I was always amazed by the ways Arti let visitors perceive the exhibition, witch makes me even more curious for this year!

24.00 – Foam
Keizersgracht 609

Photography museum Foam will let you experience photography in a whole different way than you’re used to. Make your own photo collage portrait or let photographer Anne Claire de Breij shoot one for you. Enjoy performances by Trippin Angels and light and sound experiments by Waveflies. Experience the exhibition of Anika Schwarzlose in the dark and let soundscapes and light installations guide you through the exhibition of J.H. Engström.

01.00 – Afterparty
All over town

After all the art, the talks and the drinks there is the after party! The official after party with Sandrien, Eliaz Mazian and Doppelgang at club NIX is completely sold out but there are a lot of alternatives where you can dance the night off. Indie kids go to Kill All Hipsters in Paradiso where you can move your inner hipster to hits from the Foo Figters, Lykke Li and MGMT, brought to you by the Kill All Hipsters DJ-team. At Club Up a happy marriage of disco and house is brought to you by L’atelier and KERK! and if you still didn’t had enough art you can head over to Canvas were music, performances and light projections are combined in L’amour Toujour.

No matter were you go: have an unforgettable Museum Night!

Illustration  and text by: Sella Molenaar