We will never stop hunting for new hotspots. This time, our search took us to Delft where we found DIJCK2. A concept from New York: walk in, try different frames from different designers and simply just shop around. No appointment needed, it’s all about love for craftsmanship and future classics. That is what makes this spot more than just a place to buy a pair of glasses.

But it’s also the history and story of the place that caught our eye. It all dates back to 1986 and the place was named after its unique location on the little street with big personality; Oude Langedijk, number 2.

DIJCK2 is also the official partner of Amsterdam’s own optical designer brand Nina & Max. Designed on Dutch grounds and produced in Italy. This Unique brand can be found in the store in Delft, along with some of our personal favorites like Dick Moby, Oliver Peoples and Moscot. A variety of local and international designers, meaning you can see a bit of the world when you’re visiting the store.

Curious? Want to take a look for yourself? (pun intended)

Here’s where you can find them:

Address: Oude Langendijk 2, Delft
Website: dijck2.nl

Hotspot DIJCK2 Delft - Daily Cappuccino - Lifestyle Blog

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