Last spring I met Andres & Joyce at an event in Amsterdam were they were talking about what they do for a living and what they are passionated about: photography. The couple, known under the name On a Hazy Morning, have a style which they call visual storytelling. Especially in the field of lifestyle and travel. Like they put it on their own website:

To capture beautiful moments we are always looking for the beauty in small details or magical light.

That sentence reflects exactly the reason why I think their shooting style is so beautiful. Working as a duo is therefore also ideal; it gives Andres and Joyce the opportunity to shoot from different perspectives at the very same moment.

You can imagine how honored I was that On a Hazy Morning wanted to do the photography on my wedding day. One of the (big) reasons to sit down with the couple, drink coffee/tea and have a little inspiring chat on the basis of some key words.

On a Hazy Morning - Interview - Stijlmeisje

Hazy stands for misty or filtered. It’s the kind of light you have in the early morning. And it’s exactly that kind of light, which has also a kind of tranquility and peace, and that moment of the day that Andres and Joyce love so much. While playing with these words, their company name was born: On a Hazy Morning.

What I like so much about the style of Andres and Joyce is their eye for details, capturing those dear moments. While looking at their work you can see the beauty of the most simple or pure things in life. That can be a cup of coffee, an empty train compartment, a tree on a misty hill or a front door of a terraced house. There’s in some way always a little story captured in their photos. It’s also the reason why Andres and Joyce call their style ‘Visual Storytelling’. It’s almost filmic and with that haziness over it what creates their specific signature.

The couple that works together is something that can go wrong. But in the case of Andres and Joyce it works absolutely invigorating. Not only because they complement each other perfectly (Andres is more the organizing kind of type and Joyce more the creative one), but also because they have two pairs of eyes together. Shooting, both private and for an assignment, can in that way be so much more fun and special for them. The perspectives are more dynamic and the results are therefore also more interesting. One more reason it just works for this duo is that they are unpretentious. Just for example: it was so nice that I didn’t feel any pressure or uncertainty during my wedding day concerning the photography. I just knew the results would be great.

In line with the style they prefer (editorial, filmic), one of the favorite attributes to use for the couple is an analogue camera. Preferably a beautiful vintage polaroid camera. Capturing a moment is just most literal with a polaroid camera. You only have one chance to catch that image you want to capture.

On a Hazy Morning - Interview - Stijlmeisje

When searching on the internet for On a Hazy Morning, you’ll find out that Instagram is a super important medium for Andres and Joyce. Not only they have over 26.5 K followers (?!), but they also want to show and share this with other photography/instagram-lovers. That’s why they organise (in house) workshops on how to use Instagram and give advice on how to improve (mobile) photography skills. Really go and check their website to see when and where these workshops are.

Our coffee chat ended that day with the following last (and maybe most difficult) question: what are three of your favourite photos ever taken (till now)? Not an easy question at all, but Andres and Joyce came up quite unanimous with the three images below. For me these photos embody indeed what On a Hazy Morning stands for. Pure, in the moment and a reminder of how important it is to always look around you and enjoy the world your living in.

Brooklyn Skater by On a Hazy Morning - Stijlmeisje California Bixby Bridge by On a Hazy Morning - Stijlmeisje California desert view by On a Hazy Morning - Stijlmeisje