Since I’m not in my twenties anymore (hello 30…), it’s getting more and more important to take good care of my skin. So yes, I dove into the world of anti-aging… I had to face it, literally… The following months I’m going to test some anti-age products to find out which products are really doing what they say. Starting with the ‘One Apple a Day‘ (what a great name!) anti-age serum of Sans Soucis.

An Apple a Day - Beauty - Stijlmeisje

This concentrated serum contains plankton and apple stem cell extract. It promises “to stimulate the skin’s natural functions and metabolic processes leaving a fresh and rosy complexion”. And, moreover “its moisture balance is improved while its premature, environmentally induced aging process is prevented”. Sounds impressive!

You need to apply the serum every morning and evening on cleansed skin. The texture is so smooth that your skin immediately absorbs it. Because of the small pump on the bottle you can easily measure the amount of serum. Good thing because you don’t need a lot of it everytime you use it, because of the smoothness.

Additional advantage of the serum is the smell. As the name says, it just gives you that lovely apple freshness. After 3 days of using it I really feel fresh which is also reflected in my skin. Best thing for this serum is I think to use once in a while, for two weeks in a row, just to give your skin that little boost it needs. If you do it like that it’s also more interesting for your wallet, since it isn’t the cheapest serum (you pay about €36,50 for a 30 ml bottle)…

(Also check out the new Hawaii collection by OPI; one of the nail polishes you see on the picture below. Great summer colours!)

An Apple a Day - Beauty - Stijlmeisje