Staying hydrated is very important for each of us. We often forget to drink water tough. Why? I’m not sure. Drinking water is good for many things. You’ll have more energy, your body will detox, there are no harmful substances or calories in water and last but not least… your blood will flow through your veins way faster. You’ll get a headache or feel very tired, when you don’t drink enough water. Enough reasons to drink water, I think. Here are some tips to help you remind to drink enough water. No more excuses, just do it.

Don’t forget about the bottle

Always bring a bottle with you. When you’re at work, place the bottle in front of you. You constantly see the bottle, what reminds you of drinking water. If he’s empty you can fill the bottle again. Before you know, you drink enough water each day. When you’re on the way or when you’re at home, do the exact same thing.

Add some fruits or herbs

It’s possible you just don’t like the ‘taste’ of water. Add some fruits or herbs, for more taste. It will help you drink more water. Especially in the morning, it’s very healthy to drink a glass of water with some lemon (also a secret of many Victoria’s Secret models…). Some ideas:

  • Strawberry with basil leafs
  • Orange with coriander
  • Lemon with mint
  • Cucumber, lemon, mint with ginger
  • Blueberry, raspberry and strawberries.

Ice ice baby

When you’re at home, add ice cubes to your water. You can make the ice cubes as fancy as you like. When you add fruit to your ice cubes, it’ll look way nicer. As a result, you’ll drink your glass of water way faster. You can also choose for ‘striped’ ice cubes. Put some water in the little figures first. When the first base is frozen, add a drop of syrup. When this base is also frozen, add water again. You’ll have striped ice cubes, how cute? You can make water cocktails too! 

Tringeling, ring the alarm

If you’re a busy and maybe a chaotic person, it might be a good idea to set an alarm. In case you really forget to drink water.


Photo header via iStock, Credits: Any_Li