When the clock strikes 23:45 tomorrow tonight, spring officially starts for us. Yay! Summer is ahead of us. To welcome this new season I thought it would be fun to make a fresh spring soup. Silky carrot soup is what we like a lot at the Stijlmeisje HQ! So that’s what I made. Floathing from my love for food I will show you how to make this soup in your own kitchen. Cause you know, sharing is caring. Enjoy!


The ingredients (for two persons)

1 onion
1 clove of garlic
1 little piece of ginger (about 1 cm)
1 cube of vegetable bouillon
1 handful of mint leaves
350 ml water
25o ml coco milk
3 big carrots
2 tbs salt
sun flower oil

What you need

A blender (or a slow juicer for super silky carrot soup!)*
A grater
A deep stock pot

The recipe


Place all the ingredients in front of you and begin with simply chopping the onion and the garlic in tiny pieces. Also get the grater and rasp the ginger. Pour some oil in the stock pot and when it’s hot enough, put the onion and ginger in it. Let it fry for a bit.

In the meantime you start peeling off the outer parts of the carrots and eventually chop the carrots in slices. When the onion starts to get a little glazy, put in the garlic and the slices of carrot at the same time. When all the carrots are in, add the water and coco milk to it. And finally cut the mint leaves in parts and add these as well. At this point your soup should look like this:



Let the soup stir for about 15 minutes, till the carrots are well-done. After that it’s time to blend up! Put the soup in a blender and mix it for about 40 seconds. The orange colour comes out, which looks amazing! I did leave a few carrots in slices cause I love to have a little tasty bite while eating my soup. If you like your soup fully blended and silky, mix everything up.

*I recommended the juicer instead of a blender if you want your spring soup to be super silky. So instead of chopping the ginger and carrots, place them in the juicer and use the juice only.

The end result; a delicious and fresh spring soup.
Delicious with freshly baked bread and a fresh green tea cocktail. Enjoy!