Everybody remembers one those nights when you hosted a dinner party and in the end you’re only stressed out about what to wear and what music to play, spend the whole night in the kitchen, and didn’t even have time to talk to your friends. That sucks! Sonos and Spotify thought this could be done differently and joined forces to inspire a potluck movement by creating the playlist potluck.

The potluck playlist is inspired by the American style potluck diners, where guests bring in their own food and share it with each other. The same goes for the playlist; everybody adds their own favourite songs and enjoys the music together. I already had a taste of this potluck dinner at the home of Café Modern’ chef Sander van Melick yesterday night. Besides the delicious dishes and wines served by Sander and his right hand Bas we also enjoyed our shared music over the wireless Sonos system. Varying from a tacky ‘All I want for Christmas’ by Mariah Carey to the dark and melancholic ‘A Forest’ by The Cure. Think you and your friends can do it better? Create your own playlist potluck HERE.

Soooo next time you’re organizing a diner party (Hello Christmas!), let your guests bring their own food AND their music and you just enjoy the evening and only worry about what to wear 😉

Potluck Playlist - Sonos - Spotify - Stijlmeisje Potluck Playlist - Sonos - Spotify - Stijlmeisje