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In times were everybody is always connected and privacy seems to be something of the past, upcoming Dutch artist and former architect Sarah van Sonsbeeck is exactly striving for the opposite. Silence and the search for a private space cut off from the roaring around us are often central to her work. Besides that her work is dealing with current issues of our time it’s also very aesthetic because of the abundant use of gold.

Van Sonsbeeck now shows her work in Annet Gelink Gallery, one of the leading contemporary art galleries in The Netherlands, situated in the heart of the Jordaan. The exhibition consists of mainly black canvasses sprinkled with gold leaf accompanied by gilded daily objects and some golden lenses (one used to belong to the famous photographer Ed van der Elsken). The canvasses are old failed works (Mistakes she’s Made?) covered in faraday paint; which is blocking all electro magnetic signals. By covering it with gold she makes them look like galaxies, exploring the concept of space in a broader way, re- creating the universe.

Van Sonsbeeck is one of my favorite emerging artist from who I think we can expect a lot more in the future. Go see this “golden” show!

Sarah van Sonsbeeck
Mistakes I’ve Made
till 01.03.2014

Also on show: ‘Tell my story, please, and I will live forever’ by Ella Reitsma/Snoep

Annet Gelink Gallery
Laurierstraat 187-189,

tuesday to friday 10 am-6pm
saturday 1-6pm

Sara van Sonsbeeck - Stijlmeisje - Fashion Blog

Sara van Sonsbeeck - Stijlmeisje - Fashion Blog


* Illustrations by Sella Molenaar