Sealed with a ring

Engagement ring - Stijlmeisje wedding

Engagement ring - Stijlmeisje wedding

Marilyn Monroe once sang in the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”. Not a sentence that really applies to me. I almost never wear jewelry, except for a watch and a necklace. When I was a teenager this was quite different though. I wore two earrings in each ear, had a jewelry cabinet full of (mag ook: “filled with”) (cheap) rings and I even had a nose piercing for a period of one whole month…. So yes, jewelry is a very personal thing and your taste can change significantly over the years. Fortunately!

I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for my boyfriend to find an engagement ring once he decided he wanted to “pop the question”. Neither did he have an idea of my taste, nor an example to go by, because, as I mentioned before, I never wear rings on my fingers. Moreover, he didn’t know my ring-size either. Which he cleverly solved by contacting my best friend (who has a similar physique) and asking her to measure her ring-size.

Not only was I overwhelmed by him asking me to marry him, but I was also more than surprised that he chose the perfect engagement ring: modest but stylish, with three little diamonds. And, very important, the ring fits! So I now proudly wear a ring on my finger… And of course I’m very careful with it.

Since wearing my engagement ring, I started wondering what other kind of engagements rings there are. Are there specific trends? Or is it really a matter of taste. I did some research….

A number of findings:

– if you want a more classic engagement ring, then choose a ring with a diamond. One diamond or two or three, you can make it as exclusive and over the top (and as expensive) as you want.

– if you want a more extraordinary engagement ring, then you can choose a ring with another type of gem. Gems like kunzite, morganite, aquamarine and tourmaline are very nice examples.

– the type of ring can also vary from yellow gold to white or rose gold, or silver. Anything is possible, but it is important to keep the skin colour of your (soon to be) fiancé in mind. Rose gold for instance is not something that suits every woman…

Well that’s it as far as the engagement ring goes… up next, the joint search for wedding rings! To be continued! #StijlmeisjeWedding

Engagement ring diamant - Stijlmeisje

Gold with a diamant

Engagement ring morganite - Stijlmeisje

Silver with morganite

Engagement ring gem - Stijlmeisje

Rose gold with rhodolite


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  1. My sister was recently proposed to, and she also does not care a ton for decadence. Turns out, not every girl is identical to every other girl. There is this concept of the unique individual (gasp!). Indeed, not every girl wants an engagement ring with a diamond bowling ball planted on it.

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