So there is this table where you are sitting practically in the kitchen. It’s called the Chef’s Table, and that’s where we got to meet the new master chef Kasper Stiekema of restaurant Bluespoon in Amsterdam a few weeks ago.

Bluespoon - Stijlmeisje

Kasper Stiekema
While sitting at the table, enjoying the fact you can see practically everything the cooks are doing, we got a little master class about the restaurant and the chef. And, of course, a delicious meal was served. After the first course, the master chef himself was standing at our table telling us about the food and his vision for the restaurant. It was not hard to see his ambition. Kasper has worked for big guys like Ciel Blue and as chef at Jamie Oliver’s fifteen. Between every course, Kasper came to tell us about the dish. It was a unique and fun experience. 

Bluespoon - Stijlmeisje Bluespoon - Stijlmeisje

Fading boundaries kitchen x restaurant
Based in the Andez hotel in Amsterdam, Bluespoon is not working by the traditional rules. Food is the only thing that matters. They use local ingredients which means that the dishes are based on the seasons.  What’s so special is the concept lets the boundary between kitchen and restaurant fades even further, because you’re literally sitting at the chef’s table.

Bluespoon - Stijlmeisje

Wanna experience it yourself? Eating at the Chef’s Table is possible if you’re with a group of (at least) 10 persons.

Restaurant Bluespoon
Prinsengracht 587, Amsterdam