It’s almost time for “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” …. Yes, Christmas is coming! For many of us it’s really one of the most beautiful moments of the year, but for just as many also not. In the end it means also lots of hectic moments and stress. Recipes should be sought, a perfectly fitting Christmas outfit, gifts must be bought, poems made and decorating the Christmas tree. Not to mention all the cleaning the day after. And yes unfortunately…. in the end the women are still the ones who do most of the effort. While all the glory goes exactly to one man: Santa Claus.

Santa Clara - Stijlmeisje

Supermarket Lidl thought this could be different and introduces this year, with pride, Santa Clara. Santa who?? Yes, Santa Clara, the female version of Santa Claus. The gender topic is indeed quite of our time, so why not apply it to one of the most important festivals of the world. In the campaign of the supermarket you can see Santa Clara being intriduced. First causing a lot of suspicion by Santa Claus. But in the end, as it suits a real Christmas message, we see the equality, warmth and love triumph. So, the short movie ends in a more than successful, happy Christmas Eve. With of course lots of delicacies (Lidl) served at the festively decorated tables.

Merry, merry Christmas!

Although we support this campaign, we do want to emphasize this is a “Sponsored article’ by Lidl.