Now that we all are back on working track after the holidays, project fitness is there to face us at To stimulate ourselves to get more excited about working out, we’ve been on the hunt for fashionable fitness gear which we can add to our routine. If you’re going for a run outside or at the gym, you might as well do it in style, right?

So we met Kari Traa, the Scandinavian sportswear brand for women only, internationally known for its vibrant design and top performing active wear. Founder Kari Traa is one of the most successful women freestyle skiers of the world (she won 3 Olympic medals) and she decided to bring the two things she’s passionate about most together: extreme sports and knitting! A pretty rare combination, isn’t it? But it turnes out pretty well…  because from that point on, she has created clothes for women who want to be associated with an active and adventurous lifestyle.

The result is a sportswear brand addressing active girls all over the world. So if you’d like some inspiration to get excited about working out, or just love sports, fun and fashion, you should definitely scroll down to view some of Kari Traa’s sportswear. Note: check out also the ski wear, very swell!