Starting the week with a personal update at this autumnal Monday. New projects are popping up like daisies at the moment at Stijlmeisje HQ. And one of these projects is that from January I’m going to South Africa (Cape Town) for 3 months. Picking up my work and life and settling it down over there for a couple of months, breathing in the energetic vibe over there. Can’t wait!!

Of course I’m going to do some really nice things over there for both Stijlmeisje and my other website Daily Cappuccino. For now I’m already collecting all kind of swell hotspots on my must-visit-when-I-am-in-Cape Town-list. If you have any suggestions, feel more than free to share it with me here!

Soon more Cape Town updates will follow. So keep a close eye on Stijlmeisje!

Stijlmeisje on the South African road  - Cape Town