We take our phones everywhere, don’t deny it! You do it too. And why shouldn’t you? It’s that one thing we can not leave the house without. It holds our favorite songs, our photo’s and our social life. We use it to share the things we love, to make plans and keep track of them, we even use our phones as GPS. Something that is with us all the time needs to fit our personal style, obviously. Which is why I have some inside fashion forward accessory tips for you.

First things first, your phone needs an outfit. A case that not only keeps your proudest possession save but matches your personality and style. Shop 4 hoesjes has a wide collection of phone cases for each and every smartphone, including the popular hard back cases with moving glitter that is so obsessive to look at.

Then an absolute musthave you probably didn’t know was out there but which you are going to purchase straight away after reading this article: the Everpurse. It’s a stylish clutch or bag with a build in portable charger. Yes, it exists! And there is a Kate Spade collection available that I’m in love with! You should definitely check it out.

And last but not least, a smartphone holder for your bike such as the Handleband. A musthave for al the healthy babes out there who love to ride their bike in the big city. Perfect for exploring Amsterdam or any city really.

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