When living in Cape Town for a while you’ll notice that all of Cape Town residents are pursuing a healthy lifestyle. That is… most of them. It’s also not a really difficult thing to pursue; sport facilities are cheap, sport possibilities are uncountable and the food culture is in general very healthy. The food bars in Cape Town, which you can find on every corner of the street, are packed with dishes prepared with fresh fruit, vegetables, grains and nuts. If you are a vegetarian, lactose or gluten intolerant you don’t have to worry that there is nothing to choose.

I’m one lucky person that I can eat whatever I want; I have no allergies or intolerance for something at all. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in healthy, good food. I like to be inspired by people who know all about food or do have an intolerance for something, but can make a feast of their meal. A friend of mine in Cape Town for instance has to follow a strictly gluten-free diet. He introduced me to all kind of gluten free food (from cookies to pizza). Cool thing was that I really liked the food, even more than the ‘normal’ variant…

Gluten what?
Gluten is a protein found in 3 different types of cereal: wheat, barley and rye. Traces of gluten can also be found in oats. People who suffer from coeliac disease (an autoimmune disease caused by an intolerance to gluten) is one of the main reasons people follow a gluten-free diet. If you have a gluten intolerance than you experience negative reactions to gluten without having coeliac disease. Wanna eat gluten-free? Than your safe eating meat, fish, fruit & veg, rice, potatoes, beans, dairy foods such as milk, yogurt and unprocessed cheeses.

Adjusting to someone who cannot eat gluten is therefore quite easy (more easy than people might think!). Check for example the many swell gluten-free recipes on Jamie Oliver’s website (one of my favourites is this pizza) and even a cider drink like Savanna is a great alternative for a cold beer. It could be that it’s even way healthier to leave the gluten totally behind. Tennis champ Novak Djokovic’s for example has said a gluten-free diet gave him his success on the court. But that it works for him doesn’t mean going gluten-free will make everyone feel like they’re number one in the world. But it definitely makes you more conscious about what you eat and what the effect is on your body. Always a good thing to keep that in mind whatever diet you (have to) follow….

And one more important thing: being healthy is something serious, but it has to be fun too. So that’s why I want to share the website Gluten Free Museum with you. A website full with famous artworks, but in which the gluten have been removed… Do you recognize the artists?

Talkin' Gluten - Food - Stijlmeisje Talkin' Gluten - Food - Stijlmeisje Talkin' Gluten - Food - Stijlmeisje Talkin' Gluten - Food - Stijlmeisje
Talkin' Gluten - Food - Stijlmeisje