Hannover has a bit of an image problem. Most people, who I told my plans of going to Hannover, asked me why I would actually ever want to go there. It’s kind of the city you only pass on your way to Berlin. Hannover marketing invited us over and showed us several reasons why next time you should make a stop and stay a while in this green and vibrant little city.

Truth is the centre of Hannover can be quite deterrent at first sight. During the war most of the city was destroyed and only a few historical buildings remained. Hereby modern architecture and mainstream shops mainly dominate the streetscape in Mitte. But look a little further and outside the centre and you’ll find lots of hidden gems and nice neighbourhoods! I made a hotspot map with all the nice areas and places we visited during our 48hour stay and hope next time you’re on your way to Berlin you’ll take the time to check some of them out!

  1. T­­teestübchen
    Ballhofplatz 2

Located on the prettiest little square in the Alt Stadt you’ll find this cute café. They serve everything from a huge choice of home baked pies to iced coffees and of course a lot of tea. The terrace is surrounded by lush greenery and flowers and you’ll feel like in a movie sipping on your Aperol spritz here.

  1. Flea market
    Am Hohen Ufer

Every Saturday, antiques, vintage and kitsch are sold here. Located near the Leine river where you’ll also find the famous big ‘Nana’s’ by Niki de Saint Phalle.

  1. Markthalle
    Karmarschstraße 49

Nothing like the over priced, hipster crowded Market Halls like we have in Amsterdam, but unpretentious fresh and cheap dishes. The market is closed at night during the week; locals mainly come here for a quick breakfast or lunch. Nothing fancy about that, just good food how we like it!

  1. The new town hall

Oke, this tip is nothing new; you’ll find the new town hall in literally every tourist guide, but it’s there for a reason! Besides huge maquettes of the city showing the situation before and after the war, a skewed elevator (!) will take you to the top of the tower. You’ll see the city is completely surrounded by forest over there and just have a spectacular view! The town hall is located on the banks of the Maschsee where every year Maschseefest is held (July 27- August 14), one of the largest open-air festivals in Germany.

  1. Francesca & Fratelli
    Seilwinderstraße 2

This place is super popular by locals. We saw already a huge amount of people carrying around their take out boxes before we even ate here. Fortunately they met all expectations. Without a doubt the best pizza in town!

  1. 11a
    Am Küchengarten 11

Laid back and uncomplicated place in the middle of hip and happening Linden. The food is unexpectedly good and original: the homemade fish sticks made from salmon are my new favourite snack! You can spend long summer nights at the garden terrace against the most typical Hannover backdrop of the “Drei Warme Brüder”; the caressing nickname of the Heizkraftwerk of Linden.

  1. Limmerstraße

Everywhere in Linden you’ll find small boutiques and local shops, but in the Limmerstraße you’ll find a good time. This street is lined with bars, street food stalls and restaurants. Just get yourself a beer at the späti, drink it on the streets and stop everywhere along the way for some food or a refill. For instance at Washweiber (nr.1) where a traditional wash salon and bar are combined or stop at Fishers (no. 49) for delicious Mexican bites and happy hour cocktails.

  1. Herenhäuser Gärten

Just impressive!

  1. Surfers Paradise
    Ladenstraße 19

One of the nicest things of Hannover is that the city is surrounded by nature and a lot of recreational options are available very close by. Steinhuder Meer is only a 30-minute drive away and the centre of Germany’s kite scene. Surfers Paradise offers kite and also wind surfing courses with the best instructors and materials. The lake is very shallow and therefor ideal for beginners. Super cool experience you should at least try once in your life!

Check out the website of Hannover marketing for more tips, city routes and festivals!