Vintage: too old to be considered modern, but not old enough to be considered antique. And yes, we love it. Furniture, clothes, accessories, you can all find it in the vintage stores. You may need some extra time, but the time you spend on searching these cool items will be definitely worth it. Here are some cute vintage stores you must visit. ‘’She may be young, but she only likes old things ;).’’

Kilo shop
At this store, you pay vintage per kilo. Every item has its own colour. Because accessories can’t have the same price as jackets per kilo of course. Is your boyfriend not a big fan of shopping? Luckily you can have a cup of coffee or enjoy a lunch at the Kilo Shop. Your boyfriend can relax while you’re busy shopping, or you can relax after shopping.

Location: Jodenbreestraat 158, Amsterdam
Eerste van der Helststraat 11, Amsterdam

This vintage shop is filled with a lot of stuff. Hats, sweaters, coats, purses, jewelry. You will find everything you need here. Have a look at the shop and make some nice deals.

Location: Haarlemmerstraat 29, Amsterdam

One of the biggest vintage stores in Amsterdam. There’s a huge variety of men’s and woman’s clothing and accessories. Especially big sweaters and leather jackets are easy to find.

Location: Waterlooplein 1, Amsterdam
Berenstraat 1, Amsterdam
Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 37, Amsterdam
Spuistraat 96, Amsterdam

Lena is a so-called fashion library; you can choose for a membership and with that membership you can borrow clothes. But it’s also possible to buy the clothes. Both online and offline!

Location: Westerstraat 174

Laura Dols
Need an outfit for a dress up party? Go to Laura Dols. They have many outfits in Hollywood style. When you fancy looking like Audrey Hepburn or Marylin Monroe, this is the perfect place for you. Their outfits will give you more sparkle and more glamour, with a ‘50s touch.

Location: Wolvenstraat 7

Photo header via Facebook page Lena the fashion library