Have you ever noticed how wood can give character to an interior? If you love interior – maybe crazy about it like us at Stijlmeisje – you’re probably familiar with wooden furniture. Especially the tree trunk trend which is already very populair for years!|

We’d like to take this trend under the light and see how wood can turn a house into a home. It’s one of the most amazing materials out there to play with. Whether your style is modern, classical, industrial, robust or really any other type of style, wood is here to fit in!

Here a some ideas to bring more life into your home with wood.

Wooden floors
A wooden floor is perfect to provide the whole room of a wooden vibe. You won’t need much more, but to bring wood back in accessories is a way to have a more balanced interior.

wood interior - stijlmeisje
Image from Rock My Style

Wooden tables
A table can’t be missed in a home. And a wooden one makes it more attractive to take place on. There are various types of wood you can choose from. The benefit of a wooden table is that it can go along a lifetime!

wood interior - stijlmeisje
Image from Oosterse Meubelen

Tree trunk candles
Accessories such as candles ensures a nice atmosphere. A candleholder made of wood ensures a GREAT atmosphere. And as you can see on the picture, different wood materials can go together without any fuss.

wood interior - stijlmeisje
Image from Food52

Wooden ceilings
In older houses, wooden beams supported the ceiling of the first floor. Why not keep them that way? And if you ever thought wooden ceilings are only perfect for classical home interiors, think again:

wood interior - stijlmeisje
Image from Trendir